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Hello I'm David,

I am the founder of Money Done Simple, a platform dedicated to making financial concepts simple. I began my professional career as a financial advisor but currently work in software sales and invest actively in real estate. I have always had a passion for finance and helping others.

During my time in the financial industry, I noticed a gap in the market. I observed that the current financial advising landscape is reserved for the wealthy and often employs predatory tactics to sell high-fee products without providing meaningful advice. This does nothing for those who need financial advice, young people, and people with lower net worths.

I believe everyone deserves access to financial education and opportunities to improve their financial situation. That's why I created Money Done Simple, to empower people to take control of their financial lives and achieve their financial goals.

If you have any specific questions or want more information, please don't hesitate to contact me. I am always happy to chat and provide more insight.


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My Story

It all started with an economics class in high school where I began to learn the power of investing and how compounding can grow your wealth exponentially. Throughout my teenage years and early adulthood, I dove deep into learning about budgeting techniques, investment strategies, and saving tactics. I read books, listened to podcasts, and took online courses all in an effort to gain a better understanding of how to manage my money. My passion for financial literacy grew stronger with each new piece of information I learned.

This passion was put to the test in 2019 when my father passed away. My family needed to get through a tough time together and this involved getting our finances in order. Having a background in wealth management helped a lot during this time but even with my knowledge and resources, this was not easy.

Out of this tragedy, a new mission was born. I could use my knowledge and experience to help others learn how to set up their families for financial success. This is why I started Money Done Simple and began creating content – to educate and empower others to take control of their financial lives.


The goal of Money Done Simple is to provide clear and actionable advice on budgeting, investing, and saving, as well as to tackle more complex financial topics such as retirement planning, credit management, and tax planning. I want to help people understand the importance of financial literacy and how it can lead to a better future.

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