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Are Online Surveys Worth It? (5 Best Sites 2023)

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

What you will learn in this article:

I see clickbait videos all over social media that promote “How to make $100 a day,” and one topic I always see included is doing online surveys. As someone always looking to generate extra income, I took it upon myself to try survey sites and research others' experiences on whether online survey sites are worth the time.

The short answer is NO.

Survey sites do not provide a good side income and will not make you richer. Even the best sites only provide roughly $1-2 for an hour of work. This means you would be better off doing almost anything else to generate a side income.

In this article, I pooled together my own experiences and the experience of others to provide a comprehensive breakdown of the top 5 surveys for money sites in 2023. I provide the details of each site, how much you can expect to make an hour, and if they are worth it.

What are the top survey sites, and how much can you make an hour?

The Details: This site is a survey aggregator with a great setup. The site has good reviews and generally recommends good qualified surveys. However, the actual rewards are not as good as it seems. Additionally, you can only redeem rewards once you reach 25,000 points, equivalent to $25, which most people will not get.

How much do you make an hour: $2.03

Is it worth it: Maybe. This has the highest average payout based on the research. However, the high requirement to redeem is prohibitive.

The Details: Survey Junkie has a smaller survey aggregator, so fewer options. However, the site is easy to use and, compared to others on this list, is fairly generous in its point rewards. The point communicates to users how much money they have on the dashboard. You can cash out at 500 points which equal $5, which isn’t too hard to get to.

How much do you make an hour: $1.57

Is it worth it: Better than the rest, Survey Junkie is an excellent option if you want to do surveys online. The average per-hour rate is one of the highest in the market but still not great. Also, has a solid app.

The Details: This site has a lot of options for surveys which may seem appealing at first. However, disqualifications are frequent and common. With a low success rate for being able actually to take the Surveys.

How much do you make an hour: $1.00

Is it Worth It: No, the money is not worth the fact that 1/10 of the surveys you take will not be worth it.

The Details: Swagbucks provides a wide range of opportunities, but you may frequently get disqualified. The site, Swagbucks, collects surveys from various third-party providers, so the quality of surveys may vary. Earning points can be time-consuming, but the site offers an extensive rewards marketplace with hundreds of options, including gift cards, sweepstakes, and PayPal payments. They do have a great app to do surveys on the go.

How much do you make an hour: $0.89

Is it Worth It: Sorta, the saving grace of Swagbucks, has a great app where you can easily do surveys on the go. Great for mindlessly doing on the train, waiting in the doctor's office, or anytime you have a couple of minutes but don’t expect a big payout.

The Details: The one saving grace of Inbox Dollars is that they pay you $5 to sign up for their site. However, they have the lowest average payout per hour of the actual surveys and tend to send you to promotions that require your personal information (which is most likely sold).

How much do you make an hour: $0.41

Is It worth it: No. Sign up and get the $5 if you want, but in terms of actually doing surveys, you would make more money doing anything else.

Which Survey Site Should I use?

If this article has yet to convince you that surveys are not worth it or you are looking for something to do on the go. The best two sites are going to be Swagbucks and SurveyJunkie. The reasons are that they both have good apps to do surveys on your own time, have many quality surveys, and are both reputable companies.

Are Surveys Worth It?

If the numbers above weren’t clear, the answer would be NO. You would be much better off doing something else with your time. Even delivery or driving apps like DoorDash and Uber would pay significantly more for your time than these apps.

Additionally, we should not discount the other costs associated with these sites. You are giving up a lot of personal information, such as dates of birth, ZIP codes, incomes, health ailments, ethnicities, living arrangements, and much more. This information is more than likely being sold to companies and put out there on the web, leading to increased risks of it being stolen.

It’s important to know that scam sites exist in the survey industry, so you know what to watch out for. A legit site will never ask you for bank account information. It is probably your best bet to go with one of the reputable sites listed above if you insist on doing surveys.


It is important to note that while the monetary rewards may not be significant, surveys can still have value in certain situations. For example, conducting surveys can provide valuable insights into your target market and customers if you are a business owner or marketer. This information can help you make data-driven decisions and improve your products or services. Participating in surveys can also be a way for individuals to have their voices heard and make a difference in the products and services offered.

Another factor to consider is that survey apps and sites vary in terms of pay and privacy policies. Some may offer higher rewards and have stricter privacy measures, while others may not. It's essential to do your research and choose a reputable survey app or site that aligns with your values and goals.

While surveys may not be the most financially lucrative option, they can still have value, and it's worth considering if they align with your goals and values. As always, weighing the pros and cons and making an informed decision before participating in surveys is essential.

If you genuinely want to make extra income, learning a marketable skill is the best way. Skillshare is an excellent website for pursuing your passion and learning how to market a business. You can get 30 days free by using this link here.


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